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Published on 2 weeks ago

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John Oliver discusses China’s one-child policy, and all its consequences, intended and not.

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annellev 1 hour ago

‘History is memes now’ - So true.

CriscoTM theGamer 1 hour ago

At the Newsstand
"Hey, buddy, if you want to understand the news you gotta start from about 500 B.C., okay? Otherwise, it is insignificant to you, and you to it. Oh, okay, you're just looking for 'fire kindle.'" LOL
Yes, I happen to agree with that. I'd say in an offhand way that a lot of issues are about who understands the news and who doesn't. That means history. Yes, someone missing large sections can be terrifying to everyone with a grip on it. I'll post a tag next to "Post-Medieval Backlash" as a generality.

Jon Vuylsteke 2 hours ago

I'm surprised Disney hasn't gotten their army of lawyers to take down that Donald yet

Lizard King 5 hours ago

hehe donald the eugenicist duck.. XD

Jérémy Quentin 6 hours ago

"34 millions more males than females in China. That is a lot!"
Well, that is 51.3% / 48.7%. The US is 49.1% / 50.9%
But of course, with China, it's always sexier (and more dishonest) to use absolutes..

Candy Domination 6 hours ago

Hey, John you should do a story about national forest and logging. Trump just approved last week to do logging in the Tongass National Forest which is 17 million acres. The Amazon is 2 million acres (puts things in perspective). That's a lot of carbon that would be going back into our atmosphere. Everyone has 60 days to way in and comment on this before they put it into effect.

Meaqua葦名薬師 9 hours ago

I've always laughing when watching every John Oliver shows but not this time. Not only because the real historical problems which are presently existing or have been existed in China are directly related to the communities here, but also for the insulting prejudice and even hostility towards Chinese PEOPLE, which havn't been changing since I broke out of the firewall.

Cioda 10 hours ago

Wow. Its um... Its almost like China trying to control every part of their peoples lives... Is a bad thing? Huh...

bopp9 12 hours ago

I dont see why this should be criticized, fuck China, it is good of they destroy themselves, we should not try to stop them from doing it. The are the worlds largest dictatorship, they stand for over 90% of all the animals in the world oing extinct soley due to poaching, and they are leading in fishing out the oceans and cutting down all natural forrests in africa and asia. If their economy tanks due to ageing population and their population tanks due to low fertility it means less species are at risk of extinction and their dictatorial exploitative influence on the world will cease. Let them continue on their path of trying to control everything in that area, it is not in the interesst of the good of the world to stop it.

Shirley Chang 12 hours ago

When China faced a population overload with limited resources, China decided to limit its population (bad decision, yes. Violating human right , yes, I am not denying it. ) When western faced same situation, you colonized, you waged war to other countries, you robbed resources from other weak nations. Laugh all you want, but Chinese do not have a habit to blame other for their own problems. Or, sacrifice other countries’ human right for their own human right or killing other countries’ babies for their own babies.

Ilona Smolders 12 hours ago

When I was traveling in China (2015 I think it was), I asked our guide (20ish girl) about this policy. I asked what happened if you got pregnant with a 2nd child. "It's not allowed", she answered. I asked further: "I know, but what if it happens anyway?". She started laughing: "No, it's not allowed". I filled in the gaps myself.

WookieFanboi 14 hours ago

anti-China propaganda just as "pro-democracy" protesters are pushing garbage in HK? Lot's of "good laughs" at the expense of another culture? Well-played John. Since you're such a good researcher, why didn't you explain why the one child rule came into being? I'm sure making jokes about starving Chinese would have been a great opportunity for you.

Sara R 15 hours ago

11:33 - I love the contrast: while John stays serious, the public laughts out loud...

couchmermaid 15 hours ago

Pandas are also that annoying picky friend who is clearly damaging their health by not eating a balanced fucking diet pandas are so stupid

Slightly_Handy 15 hours ago

My wife would have been unregistered if she didn't have a cousin around her age that died when she was 3 years old. Shit is real out here in these streets...

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