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Published on 3 weeks ago

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Vice President Mike Pence claims he was unaware of President Trump’s shady Ukraine dealings, which is the same excuse he’s used in numerous Trump scandals.

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Jimmy Guitar 11 hours ago

I sincerely believe Trevor Noah must have a statue of Jon Stewart's ass he kisses every night. If he doesn't, he should because he'd have no career without JS. He's not 10% as funny as Jon Stewart on his worst day and how he's still got this gig is quite beyond me. DUDE AIN'T FUNNY.

Rahr 17 hours ago

The vice president might be tainted by that??? Dude works in the Trump government, what could more tainting?

tracy chatelier 23 hours ago

TREVOR NEEDS TO SEE THIS. An actual ad in India with Trump in it: (enjoy!)

adam bomb 2 days ago

Presidential harrasment lol

michaelmisanthrope 2 days ago

It is so disturbing to think that our next gay president (there were 1 or 2 more in the past) might be this deeply closeted homosexual. I couldn't care less about anyone's sexual preference in general but Pence's hypocrisy can do no good whatsoever toward the progress that our society at large has been making toward acceptance of, in this case, LGBT individuals. Shakespear's famous line, "the lady doth protest too much," seems quite apt regarding Pence. He should just grow a beard and set his beleaguered wife free.

The Truth Hurts BlackPower 3 days ago

Actually Mike Is telling the truth...America should really do their research on Narcissistic behavior...Trump moves are all calculated...and everyone even his children are just objects to his agenda..
For example My Narc ex slept next to me every night hugged and kiss me all day, showing nothing but affection...Yet once I left the house he would get on a fake fb page and threaten his ex acting like he is me...
First I was served with a restraining order, and then the Police showed up a lot to check my phone logs all types of craziness...
And my Ex just sat there observing, looking concerned...saying he don’t understand why she is doing this...
I put an app on his phone that showed his dealings and found was him...and the things he was doing to her, really had her scared of me....
All this while I had just given birth, breast feeding and main objection was sleep...
He had two mask and he used her as a flying monkey to carry out his agenda to hurt me because his son was getting all of the attention...
And she had no idea she was being used...
Yet she was the one that got slammed when we went to court!!!!and he didn’t show up...left her out there hanging to dry and take the judicial beating!!!!
Narcissist are smart liars, tactical manipulators and lack human empathy and our President is an old one..,which is even more dangerous..
United States better wake up before he seeks his revenge on us for exposing and destroying his plan to set himself up financially as the riches man in the world...

Annie S. 4 days ago

Trump can't be Homer Simpson!!! Homer Simpson is a genius!!!

Silly Willy 5 days ago

Mike Pence, he, conversion therapy proponent, JUST ROLLED OVER IN TURKEY AND TOOK IT LIKE A BIG OL' BOTTOM!! KISSES!!

Camren Mugabe 5 days ago

Finally Pence gets caught doing something he should not have done! Finally that Christian Hypocrite gets to be on the Raider for his crimes. 🤗😃

Camren Mugabe 5 days ago

Radar stupid auto correct!

beekeeping nwf 5 days ago

whats ignorant,stupid and worthless is the daily shit show.

molly cruz 5 days ago

Considering both Pence's and Trump's mentality having been graphically illustrated to be limited, I have no trouble at all assuming neither of them were fully aware of the significance or the ramifications of this Biden plot; and that goes for the Russian election '16 meddling as well.
With him, the less detail the better. Remember he's not the one who really wants to win this next election. He hates being President , despite the huge personal financial haul; but the giant Conservative Machine pushing this train, the ones whose taxes he cut in half, will be very disappointed if he loses. If Pence proves to be inextricably involved, Nancy Pelosi will be President! My guess is the Biden element is Trump's caveat, because Biden was the tip of a very big Corruption Iceberg, and Trump KNEW THEY HAD NOTHING ON BIDEN, so there couldn't have been a "quid pro quo", unless you count the bad publicity for his rival.

Warehouse TheWoodman 5 days ago

It’s a mystery, mom... Nobody knows who the killer is in the beginning....

Moussa Camara 6 days ago

Er ist aschloch

sambolio1 6 days ago

Its 2019 trevor get with the times

Scott Johnson 7 days ago

He wont get impeached

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